EM Connect

2024 ePure Comp Phone App

EM is already foreshadowing the future.  Check out the embedded video at 17 seconds in.  They are calling it EM Connect.

There appears to be programmability for Throttle Reactivity (I would call this throttle response), Power, Speed, Idle Speed (part of Tickover), and Idle Torque (again part of Tickover) independently for 3 maps.  

Unfortunately, I doubt EM will make this feature inexpensively retrofittable to existing bikes.  Presumably a Bluetooth interface will be required for the controller.  Hope I'm proven wrong.

Factory Documentation for EM Connect

Electric Motion has already provided the User Manual for the 2024 Comp on their website.  Additionally, two factory videos on setting up and using EM Connect may be found there as well.   The information presented below has been gleaned from these sources (and mixed with a bit of my own prejudice and speculation). 

In addition to the above-mentioned programmability on a map-by-map basis, there are global settings for Throttle Range; Throttle Dead Zone, and Brake (regen) Force.


EM Connect was implemented by the addition of a box they are calling the TCU.  Presumably, this contains the Bluetooth interface.  But I have no idea what TCU may stand for.  Perhaps it's Traction Control Unit (?) as I see the ESCAPE models appear to have traction control.  I'm going to call it the Tracking Control Unit because it interacts with your phone.  I'm sure you'll be waiving any right to privacy when you accept EM's terms of service  (joking, but not completely).   

This is a huge box for a Bluetooth module as they are typically the size of a postage stamp.  So, I'm guessing it may have something to do with the cockpit display as well.

 The display is shown below.  It appears to provide a wealth of information including ground speed; motor speed; battery state of charge; present map; and whether TKO is enabled.

Credit: Electric Motion.  Location of TCU module on 2024 ePure Comp. Part number TL02S-50701-00-00.

Credit: Electric Motion. Cockpit Display

Credit: Electric Motion. Cockpit Display Screen

February 2024 Update

No EM models made before 2023 are eligible for upgrade to EM Connect.  You must provide your VIN with the order.  Even then, the upgrade costs 499 GBP (over 600 US dollars) and does not include the cockpit display.

There is an ominous asterisk on EM France's website regarding EM Connect and I quote, *Electric Motion offers the EM Connect application & services to its customers of 2024 models for 1 year.”  What does that mean?  Will owners have to pay for the app/service after a year?

Dashboard Error Codes

If an error code appears on the dashboard display, the bike will be inoperable.  

An overtemperature error can be solved by allowing the bike to cool.

It's possible an unplugged or disconnected error could be resolved by reseating the affected connector(s).

EM advises attempting to restart the bike by removing and reinstalling the tether switch magnet.  If the error persists after 3 such attempts, you will need to contact EM customer service.