Robust Battery Covers

The previous owner of my bike had some really nice robust battery side plates cut from aluminum.  It had been my intention to provide his original CAD drawings, but Google Sites won't allow me to embed the DXF file directly.

The best I can do is provide the following download link:

Additionally, I received the following notes. 

Please feel free to make the DXF available to download with the notice that some small modifications to the hole locations will be necessary.  I'm talking about a rat tail file/Dremel modifications to a few holes.  The drawings are not perfect in that regard.

As for dimensioning, I would highly encourage anyone trying to make something similar to work with a shop that can accept  DXFs.  It would be very difficult to build these off dimensions only.  Most fab/metal shops take DXF in a native format.  

The side plate without the charging port has an area of 63.3 in² and the one with the charging port is 59.23 in².   They are 0.090" thick aluminum (I don't have the exact alloy in my notes).  

This should be approximately 0.57 lbs for the non-charging side plate and 0.53 lbs for the charging side plate. 

Right Battery Side Plate

Left Battery Side Plate