M4 Spring Forks

The Dragonfly's forks are manufactured by Metric 4 in Italy.   The name M4 Racing Parts is also used in the maintenance manual. 

Forks allow a lot of room for creativity among manufacturers.  This fork has some idiosyncrasies.  For example, a pin spanner is required to remove the fork caps and also to disassemble the forks for seal replacement.  Based on the Hell Team's excellent video, it appears a Park Tool SPA-2 (red) pin spanner will work. 

Only the left side contains a spring, part number 402A30275.   No optional spring rates are mentioned.   This was initially a bit worrying, but I later learned that Tech fork seals and springs fit.

M4's air-spring fork is presented in detail under the EM Race's Mechanical section heading on this website.

Left side, spring preload adjustment

Right side, compression adjustment

Fork Service

Two different fluid viscosities are specified in the manual. 

Presumably, the critical one is the SAE 5 weight because M4 lists their part number (402A0500) for it. 

An SAE 20-weight fluid is also required.

Fork seals appear to be part number 402A5239.

Forks bushings appear to be part number 402A4339.

Right side, rebound adjustment