Jitsie Mudguard Stickers

EM only sells complete sticker sets for the 2020 - 2021 ePure Race.  However, Jitsie sells a combined front and rear mudguard kit very reasonably.

I found the Jitsie fit to be excellent and the color match acceptable (I expect the original stickers have faded a bit and are nowhere near as clean as new).  The most noticeable difference is that the writing says Innovation in Trials rather than Electric Motion.

The video embedded below is a good tutorial.  Additionally, I recommend wearing light cotton gloves while smoothing using the heat gun as the surface can get pretty hot.  I also had to prick the center sticker in several places with a needle to remove recalcitrant bubbles.  It's much more difficult to apply stickers on a surface with a compound curve than one that's flat or has a simple curve.

Application Summary

1. Degrease the plastics.

2. Have clean hands.

3. Separate the sticker from its backing.  Don't allow the sticker's adhesive to contact itself.

4. Temporarily apply the sticker in the correct place. 

5. Working from the center outward, simultaneously smooth and secure the sticker.

6. Use a heat gun to activate the sticker's adhesive.

7. Additional smoothing as required.