US Parts Pricing

Rant Du Jour

EM parts are expensive.  This is true even by trials bike standards.  Adding insult to injury, the system EM has in place for buying parts is to use the Central Powersports Distribution website.  As part of creating an account, you “...choose your favorite dealer from the drop down menu.  If you don't have a favorite dealer, select this option in the drop down menu and we'll use the dealer closest to you.”  This is to “...make sure your Electric Motion Dealer gets the proper commission.”  

So, I do all the work and some dealer gets a commission?  Other parts vendors compete for your business by giving technical support or discounted pricing.  Hopefully, I won't need many OE parts.  When I do, I'll choose Ka Uila Motors in Hawaii as John has been putting up useful YouTube videos.

Every price I've seen ends in 99”.  I'm wondering if this is a method to indicate retail pricing.  I'm just speculating, but maybe dealer and importer costs have different cents amounts?

The following prices are a snapshot taken in January 0f 2023.  There seems to be a great deal of fluidity in the pricing.  For example, the current (April 2023) price of an ePure motor controller is $10,000 (not a typo).  Either they don't really have any available or do not want to sell any.   Similarly, the ePure motor position sensor was listed as being obsolete as of April 2023 and I did not see an alternate part listed as a substitute.

Examples of some EM 5.7 parts and their retail pricing.

Examples of some EM ePure Race parts and their retail pricing.

Note: Individual stickers for the 2021 ePure Race are not sold.  You must buy a complete kit.

EM's rear sprocket costs nearly double that of a custom-made sprocket.