Electric Motion recently introduced the prototype of a significantly new model for them, the FACTOR-E.  If nothing else, you must admire the clever name which highlights the electric aspect while being a homonym for Factory.

A trials manufacturer's Factory model is typically associated with their pinnacle machine - offering the best components and performance, not to mention the highest price tag.  I don't think this bike will be an exception.

What do we know as of January 2024?  Production is scheduled to commence next month - which means it should be available as a 2025 model.

To me, the outstanding features are the 4-speed gearbox and the easily accessible clutch.  But clearly, there is a new motor too.  I find it curious EM made no mention of this, other than to say that it offers a peak power of 19 kW.  This is a big step from the  12 kW peak specified for the Dana TM4 motor.  The new motor looks to be more compact.  So possibly it's running at a higher speed than its predecessor?  

I also find it curious there is a Volkswagen logo on the battery.  The outside of the battery itself looks very similar to what's presently being used.  Two different batteries will be available - the standard 1.8 kWh and a 2.5 kWh version.  

Other logos on the bike are AMV and TECOi.   Not recognizing either, I did some image searches.  The AMV logo is possibly for a French vehicle insurance company.  Their slogan L'assurance de gagner literally means the assurance of winning.  That's unabashedly confident!  TECOi appears to be a global fabricator of sheet metal with a head office in Spain.

A range of 59 kilometers is touted - which would seem to apply to the higher-capacity battery.

Tuneability is provided via the EM Connect app.

EM says the weight distribution is different and the overall weight has been reduced by 4 kg.

The swingarm is new, as is the rear shock (possibly the Tech TJ3 GP?)

The following bulleted items were found on trialworld.es:

I will hasten to point out that the 1400 Nm of torque is not at the shaft of the electric motor!  The number would have been calculated after all the gear reductions (primary, gearbox, secondary) have been taken into account.  Regardless, it is a much higher figure than the 600 - 700 Nm of torque claimed for EM's single-speed designs.

Credit: screen capture from adjacent YouTube video

Credit: Tech Suspension. Possibly the new FACTOR-E shock?